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A5 Animals Journal – Wombat AB


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A5 Animals Journal design Wombat by Artist Anna Blatman. This A5 journal depict images from Artist Anna Blatman. Add a piece of art to your desk at work or at home, with a Wildlife journal featuring Anna Blatman’s much-loved Aussie animals at home. Each design is a beautiful reproduction of Anna’s vibrant colourful art, using a raised printing technique. As you turn the pages, take a journey into the artists world, with personal insights, quotes and drawings. The largest of Australia´s kingfishers, the kookaburra is commonly called the laughing kookaburra. Its distinctive cackle is serious stuff as this how the kookaburra warns other birds to stay away from its territory. Its habit of laughing at dawn and dusk has earned it the nickname of “bushman´s clock” The wombat is that lovable hero found in many Aussie children´s story books. Tales about this cuddly marsupial leave many families with nostalgic memories. Despite its barrel-shaped body, stubby tail and short legs, the amazing wombat can still run up 40 km/hr when threatened. These unique journals represent incredible value and is a true work of art. A delight to use every day to record your thoughts, plans and dreams. Size A5 notebook with 78 lined pages. Eco-friendly, FSC certified paper and notebook closure elastic to keep your pen or special reminders. A portion of each sale goes to the artist.

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