Aboriginal Art Reusable Face Masks



Aboriginal Art Reusable Face Masks. Using some pretty amazing fabrics, we’ve made up a range of Australian made 100% cotton face masks featuring beautiful Aboriginal Artwork. There’s a filter pocket on the inside of the mask and using the adjustable nose wire, you can adjust the mask for a close fit to your face. Elastic loops fit around your ears to hold the mask in place.

One size fits most.

This mask does not claim to give you respiratory protection from viruses but may help prevent the spread of germs to others. It is recommended to wash your mask between uses.

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artists and their community.

Due to the nature of the facemasks used primarily in relation to hygienic standards, all orders are final and we will be unable to accept returns or refunds for facemasks. If you have any concerns or queries please contact us.



Alana Holmes, Alana Holmes AALA, Alma Granites ALMA, Betty Morton ABET, Daisy Moss, Daisy Moss ADAI, Elaine Laine PLAW, Maggie Long YMAG, Maggie Long YMOG, Rosie Lala YRLA, Ruth Stewart STEW, Sheryl J Burchill SBSS, Watson Robertson WROB, Alma Granites, Nora Davidson, Otto Sims, Ruth Stewart

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