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Aboriginal Flag Drink Cooler


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Aboriginal Flag Drink Cooler is made from 5mm neoprene and made in Australia. The wording displays the Aboriginal Flag wavy 60,000 + years. Size 75 x 110mm. THE SYMBOLIC MEANING of the Aboriginal Flag. BLACK represents the Aboriginal people past, present, and future RED for the earth, the spiritual relationship to the land, and the red ochre used in ceremonies. YELLOW to symbolise yellow ochre and the sun, the giver of life. The Aboriginal flag was designed by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas in 1971. Harold is a descendant of the Luritja people and is a highly celebrated artist. The flag was first flown on 12 July 1971 in Victoria Square in Adelaide, South Australia. On 27 June 1995 it was proclaimed as an official “Flag of Australia” and in 1997 the Federal Court of Australia declared that Harold Thomas was the author and owner of the copyright of the Aboriginal Flag design under the Copyright Act 1968. Harold Thomas is paid royalties for every piece of clothing we sell. Perfect for NAIDOC and all other indigenous celebrations.

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