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Classic Men’s Short Ugg -OZW


Classic Men’s Short Ugg features an updated design, styling and fit. With new cushion comfort innovation and tread durability. This range takes you into the future where function meets style. A slim foot design offering double faced sheepskin, reinforced stitching and stain and water resistant. Being 100% Aussie owned, we believe in using only the best materials available in Australia to produce stylish, premium-quality goods. As one of the leading producers in Australia, we have access to the best sheep from farms in the most pristine pastures across our fertile land. Sheepskin is the perfect material to create our products. With thermostatic qualities, it breathes naturally and keeps moisture away from the skin allowing air to circulate freely. This keeps your feet dry at a constant temperature. You can be assured the production process is highly accurate with precision stitching to ensure you get perfect shape and fit, soft comfort and long-lasting durability.


Please Note: Depending on the boot size will determine the length, so that the design is in proportion. Length of where the boot comes up to may vary from one individual to the next based on their height and build.

Note: UGG Boots are only available in Australia and New Zealand.


OZW Size Chart Adults

355 522 cm
366622.5 cm
376.56.523 cm
387724 cm
398824.5 cm
409925.5 cm
41101026.4 cm
396624 cm
406.56.524.5 cm
417725.5 cm
428826.5 cm
439927.5 cm
44101028.5 cm
45111129 cm


Black, Chest, Choc, Grey


39m, 40m, 41m, 42m, 43m, 44m, 45m

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Classic Men’s Short Ugg -OZW