Minikin Tealight Candle Holder


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Aboriginal Designed Minikin Tealight Candle Holder – Kinship artwork by Aboriginal Artist Melanie Hava. This artwork is inspired by the spirit of kinship. Melanie Hava was raised in the outback where she would often see emus travelling through the long grasses. Occasionally, she would observe two males joining forces to protect their chicks. This banding together in kinship to feed and protect their mob echoes the way Aboriginals once lived. This delicate Minikin™ Lantern is moulded with fine white porcelain, which sits on a round wooden base. When lit with tea light candle the warmth of the flame glows through the porcelain and its true beauty comes to life.

Dimensions 10cm x 12 cm

Commissions are paid to the artist for each item sold.


Kinship- Melanie Hava

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