Sustainable Bamboo -Rayon Sock


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Sustainable Bamboo -Rayon Sock is a renewable fibre. Bamboo, is a very fast- growing grass with little or no need for pesticides, the bamboo is crushed and then chemically processed to make Bamboo-Rayon. Bamboo-Rayon has good abrasion resistance so socks should last longer than natural fibres. Suitable for year-round wear in warmer climates and summer wear in cooler climates. Contents: 67% Bamboo-Rayon, 31% Nylon, 2% Lycra

HUM Sock Size Chart

MENS SOCKSAus/UK Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeFoot Length
Men's Regular or Medium7-1040-4525-29cm
Men's King or Large10-1346-5130-35cm
LADIES SOCKSAus/UK Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeFoot Length
Ladies Large8-1142-4526-29cm
Extra Wide Small (Style 67X05)3-8 (Ladies shoe)
4.5-7 (Men's shoe)
Extra Wide Regular (Style 67X07)8-11 (Ladies shoe)
7-10 Men's shoe)
Extra Wide King (Style 67X10)10-1346-5130-35cm
Extra Wide Long (Wool Style 67X14, Cotton Style 57x14)13-1650-5536-39cm
Extra Wide & Extra Long (Style 67X16)14+55+38-45cm

Black, Denim


Small, Medium, Large

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Sustainable Bamboo -Rayon Sock