Wine Glass Cooler


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Wine Glass Cooler. Don’t let your wine get warm or cold while you’re busy catching up with your friends. Our Glass Coolers will keep your wine cold and also keep your fingers dry. Made from high-quality neoprene the Wine Glass Cooler simply slides up the glass and fit glasses 200-400ml (think large white wine glass) Have you put your wine down and lost track of your glass? These can help!!! Pick your favourite glass cooler design and keep track of your glass all night. Each design captures a tiny moment we’ve all experienced. Whether it’s an embarrassing memory, celebrating the best people we know or just standing side by side with people who are on the same wavelength. Being a stretchy material, neoprene is great to simply slide over the base of your glass then up. They hold tight on the glass with little movement once it’s on. Once you are done, you can slide them off and use again next wine time.


Heres To Us WG304, Stars WG397, Undies WG281

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