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UGG Lifestyle and Australian Lifestyle were founded by Elizabeth Arthur and Pauline Simpson. Evolving from hair and beauty to retail the first store UGG Lifestyle opened in 2009 at the  Birkenhead Outlet Centre in Sydney. A new concept, Australian Lifestyle was introduced into WA when Elizabeth and Pauline relocated to Fremantle in 2011. Their first store opened in Fremantle followed by another two stores opening in Margaret River and London Court.

Driven by a strong emphasis for quality sophistication in the perfect product choice, we are quietly confident in the products we offer. Pauline has wisdom and strength when choosing the right supplier to deliver our vision of offering quality and durable products to our customers. As a consummate retailer with over 30 years’ experience Pauline can be found working in the stores, talking with customers and continually gathering information on what our consumer is looking for.

We love the ever evolving landscape the retail world demands and do hope you enjoy your shopping journey with us.

Elizabeth and Pauline

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