Australian Oilskin Dog Raincoat


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Australian Oilskin Dog Raincoat is made from Australian oilskin which repels water and keeps puppy dry. The Sherpa Dog Coat is lined with Sherpa fleece, named for the Sherpa people of the Himalayas. It will keep your dog warm and happy. Plus, the coat’s outside is Australian oilskin which will keep him dry as well as warm. The adjustable Velcro straps and wide bunch of sizes will help get the perfect fits on most dogs.

Didge Dog Coats Size Chart

Back 30 cm
Girth 42-52 cm
Back 37 cm
Girth 46-52 cm
Back 42 cm
Girth 54-64 cm
Back 50 cm
Girth 60-70 cm
Back 56 cm
Girth 70-80 cm
Back 67 cm
Girth 85-105 cm
Back 80 cm
Girth 100-120 cm

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Australian Oilskin Dog Raincoat